Vintage wedding rings

Vintage wedding rings are still in fashion so many of us are looking for something a little special for our wedding rings.

Each ring fifty years or more can be classified as vintage. Many of the old tires you can find on the market today are three specific eras. The three most popular periods are Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian.

Art Deco Vintage Rings
Art Deco style is quiet distinctive. This was a time of change, it started in Paris in nineteen century, but continued to grow in the United States nineteen thirties. The style is still a very contemporary feel and inspires many of today’s designers.

Vintage wedding rings for womenEdwardian Vintage Rings
Edwardian era is one of the shorter periods, lasting only a few decades. Great style and skill is the same Victorian era, but the materials are different. During the Edwardian period, the increased use of Vintage wedding rings and sapphires. This change in the material means that there is a significant difference between the Edwardian and Victorian rings.

Vintage wedding rings goldVictorian Vintage Rings
This was an extremely long period of time, which ranges from 1835 to 1900. Rings of this era usually made of rose or yellow gold, and is decorated with white diamonds. Tires were complex and craftsmanship of this era is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, these Vintage wedding rings are quite hard to find, and when you come across one, they are often very expensive.

Vintage wedding rings princess cut

Vintage wedding rings princess cut