What top to wear with a skirt

What top to wear with a skirt , Some of the colors are the color of the season and then out of fashion for many seasons spur of the fashion world. Royal is one of those colors. Depending on when you read this article, it may be in or out.

These colors worn together make an intelligent combination that can be used for many years and they always look good or not, whether the color of the color of the season. Do not confuse this with a deep navy. The Navy has black added to it, so it’s a much darker color. Some colors, such as the French fleet to be very close to the actual color black.

What top to wear with a skirt imagesHere are some tips for What top to wear with a skirt and business secrets, women over 40, so you learn some insider secrets to make this color combination work for you.

Why it works

Black and blue combination of work when you can clearly see the difference between the two colors away. These are classic colors and these basic staple colors that work well together. The combination is unusual enough to be smart in every situation you use it. The challenge is to make art as staid and old-fashioned.

Royal Blue Black

I think this is the best and wisest way to use this color combination. Use blue on the top half of your body and keep it in a contemporary style, which is an open throat. The easiest way is to use it as a jacket over a black dress or black top with a black skirt or pants. Make sure you leave room for the neck add jewelry or a scarf.

A less common use of these colors is to use a modern blue top black pants or a black skirt. Accessories are the key to look stylish when you combine the two colors.

What top to wear with a black skirtWhat top to wear with a skirt , Easier and safer option is to use a print top, which connects the two colors and maybe add a touch of white or gray. When wearing a print top, blue add modern style jacket with or without a collar. Using a layer casual look over the top.

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