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Stretch jeans are known to work wonders for all body types. After all, it hugs the curves of your body, so you see a superstar. Even jeans can make you look good, you can add oomph to the look by combining it with the right clothing and footwear. Here are some suggestions to make you look more like a bomb in jeans Styles fit White spandex leggings

Paired with blouse
Oversized sweater goes great with leggings, but if you are not a fan of these flexible bottoms, try a pair of beautiful sweater jeans. Leggings, you must be aware of the appearance of the bottom, but the stretch skinny jeans, you do not have to worry about giving it all away. Skinny jeans make you look thinner, because they are made of cotton or spandex.

White spandex leggings cottonClassic elegance
If you want to look effortlessly classic, then wear a beautiful cardigan with White spandex leggings. Finish the look associated with the divine pair of heels. Do yourself a “pop” differs from the usual black heels. Instead, proceed with bright colors like pink, green, purple or yellow.

White spandex leggings trendsSunday to Sunday down
Great thing about White spandex leggings is that they are perfect for work and play. Start the day with jeans that fit black blazer and white top. Once out of office, you can remove the blazer and praising their looks bold pieces like a bib necklace. Change shoes to fit the occasion.

Cover the short end of
If you have a cute dress that is too short, you do not have to let it rot in the closet unused. Instead, it may be a sophisticated top with fitted stretch jeans

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